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Wet Cleaning Explained

What is wet cleaning

Wet cleaning is a professional, modern, and environmentally friendly alternative to dry cleaning that can care for delicate fabrics that a dry-cleaning machine can't; enabling your favourite items to look fresh and last longer.

Since being developed in 1991 by German companies; Miele and Kreussler, Wet Cleaning has established itself as the economical and environmentally friendly alternative to dry cleaning.

It was designed with one defining goal in mind, to create a process for cleaning that could safely and successfully clean and protect all garments and fibres. It did this with a biodegradable detergent as good to fabrics as it was to the environment.

Why it's better

Wet Cleaning is a process that enables professional cleaners to safely handle 'Dry Clean Only' items, without them coming in to contact with any dry cleaning chemicals and neurotoxins, such as perchloroethylene. By using water and a special biodegradable detergent, your clothes will stay softer for longer and will be much better for your skin, as well as the environment.

How it works

By controlling a range of factors, such as detergent dosing levels, drum rotation rhythms and temperature to a high degree of accuracy, your clothes are safely cleaned, without any chemical smells. Utilising a high extraction cycle, the majority of any moisture remaining is removed from your garments. Finished with an optimised spin cycle that measures the amount of residual moisture, your clothes are protected from over drying, whilst saving energy.

Environmental impact

With top class water & energy efficiency as well as biodegradable detergents, wet cleaning is a truly 'green' alternative to dry cleaning that is friendly to the environment while not compromising on a flawless standard of cleaning.

When refraining from using strong chemicals, it can be assumed that this compromises on the quality of the wash. With wet cleaning this is not true, our biodegradable detergents provide an excellent clean that is not harmful to the environment.

Chemicals and solvents commonly used in the dry cleaning process can be harmful to both the operator and the customer, so the eco-friendly wash process of wet cleaning ensures there is no air pollution or health risks.

The wet cleaning process uses 30% less water than a traditional wash cycle and can still provide fantastic results at as little as 20c (degrees). This means that the process can reduce energy consumption by 50%.