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Trying to fit all you weekly towels in the tumble dryer to get them dry can be a real challenge especially in the winter months.
Leaving them to dry naturally or on the washing line can leave them feeling rough so it loses that softness and fluffy-ness. Our sophisticated commercial Miele washers and Dryers will easily handle your weekly Towels with ease. We can have your towels washed, dried and folded in no time at all. We can take just a few towels or a whole bag or baskets full. Our prices are competitively priced to what you would pay at a laundrette. We can even collect and drop back your garments usually on the same day subject to demand.

For more information please contact us on 01767 315550, alternatively email us at info@kleen-eco.co.uk.
  • Towels (Hand)

    • Laundry - Wash, Dry, Pressed or Fold£1.29
    • £0.995+
  • Towels ( Single)

    • Laundry - Wash, Dry, Pressed or Fold£1.49
    • £1.295+
  • Towels (Double)

    • Laundry - Wash, Dry, Pressed or Fold£1.99
    • £1.795+
  • Towels ( Bath Sheet)

    • Laundry - Wash, Dry, Pressed or Fold£1.99
    • £1.695+
Pick-up & Drop-off Service

We know you have a busy life-style, so enjoy our convenient and hassle free pick-up and drop-off service.



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