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When the match is over somebody has the responsibility of getting the kit clean for the next game so unless there is a washer/dryer in the club house then it's usually given to either the team coach or one of the players mums to take home and wash in their own washing machine. Kleen-Eco industrial washer/dryers will make easy work in removing all that caked in mud and grass stains for your teams kit. We have special programmes for football and rugby kit even cricket whites. So why not let us take the hassle of getting your kit looking like new so you can concentrate on winning games. We will even collect and return the kit back to you.

For more information please contact us on 01767 315550, alternatively email us at info@kleen-eco.co.uk.
  • Salopettes

    • Specialist Wet Cleaning£10.99
  • Riding Chaps

    • Specialist Wet Cleaning£29.99
  • Football Kit x 15

    • Specialist Wet Cleaning£16.00
    • Laundry - Wash, Dry, Pressed & Folded£16.00
    • Laundry - Wash, Dry & Foldedfrom £15.00Team kit (max 15 persons)
  • Rugby Kit

    • Laundry - Wash, Dry & Foldedfrom £19.00Team kit (max 13 persons)
  • Cricket Whites

    • Laundry - Wash, Dry & Foldedfrom £15.00Team kit (max 15 persons)
  • Ski Jacket

    • Specialist Wet Cleaning£24.99
  • Ski Jacket (re-proofed)

    • Specialist Wet Cleaning£24.99
  • Salopettes (re-proofed)

    • Specialist Wet Cleaning£14.99
  • Ski Suit

    • Specialist Wet Cleaning£24.99
  • Ski Suit (re-proofed)

    • Specialist Wet Cleaning£29.99
  • Rugby Kits x 13

    • Laundry - Wash, Dry, Pressed & Folded£19.00
  • Golf Jackets (incl water proofing)

    • Specialist Wet Cleaning£19.99
Pick-up & Drop-off Service

We know you have a busy life-style, so enjoy our convenient and hassle free pick-up and drop-off service.



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