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We know a Dog is a mans best friend and we are a nation of animal lovers and even though they bring so much joy the downside is they and their bedding becomes very dirty and smelly quite quickly especially in the winter months. Many dog beds are too large to fit into a domestic washing machine coupled with the fact they are full of dogs hair which can lead to clogging of machines or like many of our customers they do not wish to wash their dogs beds in the same machine as the weekly clothes wash. At Kleen-Eco we have a dedicated washers/dryer to take care of your pets bedding, blankets and coats. We will make sure they get a good vacuum, washed, dried and a further vacuum so they come back to you looking clean but smelling fresh.

For more information please contact us on 01767 315550, alternatively email us at info@kleen-eco.co.uk.
  • Small blanket

    • Specialist Wet Cleaning£3.99
  • Medium Blanket

    • Specialist Wet Cleaning£4.49
  • Large Blanket

    • Specialist Wet Cleaning£7.99
  • Small Dog Bed

    • Specialist Wet Cleaning£12.99
  • Medium Dog Bed

    • Specialist Wet Cleaning£14.99
  • Large Dog Bed

    • Specialist Wet Cleaning£16.99
  • Extra Large Dog Bed

    • Specialist Wet Cleaning£19.99
  • Small Dog Coat

    • Specialist Wet Cleaning£4.99
  • Medium Dog Coat

    • Specialist Wet Cleaning£5.99
  • Large Dog Coat

    • Specialist Wet Cleaning£6.99
  • Horse Blankets

    • Specialist Wet CleaningPOA
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