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Outdoor Clothing

Outdoor Clothing

Be it leather, Suede, Trench coat, Puffa coat, Feather filled, Kleen-Eco guarantee to take great care when it comes to cleaning your coat or Jacket. Each fabric has a special cleaning process to keep your coat looking fresh year after year, season after season. We can also offer re-water proofing on certain garments to ensure they are protected from the rain.

For more information please contact us on 01767 315550, alternatively email us at info@kleen-eco.co.uk.
  • Wax Coats ( Cleaned and then re-waxed)

    • Specialist Wet Cleaning£37.99
  • Bomber Jacket

    • Wet Cleaning£12.99
  • Puff /Quilted Jackets

    • Specialist Wet Cleaning£24.99
  • Workmens Coat (Donkey Jacket)

    • Specialist Wet Cleaning£19.99
  • Ski Jacket (re-proofed)

    • Specialist Wet Cleaning£24.99
  • Anorak/Parker

    • Wet Cleaning£14.99
  • Raincoat Polyester

    • Wet Cleaning£13.99
  • Raincoat ( Wool)

    • Wet Cleaning£17.99
  • Duffel Coat with Hood

    • Specialist Wet Cleaning£19.99
  • Water Proofing

    • Extras£6.99
  • Full Length Coat (Leather/Suede)

    • Specialist Wet Cleaningfrom£49.99
  • Jacket (Leather/Suede)

    • Specialist Wet Cleaning£39.99
  • Motorbike Helmet Cleaning

    • Specialist Wet Cleaningfrom£19.99
  • Motorbike Leathers (Jacket)

    • Specialist Wet Cleaningfrom£39.99
  • Motorbike Leathers ( All in One)

    • Specialist Wet Cleaningfrom£59.99
  • Motorbike Leathers (Trousers)

    • Specialist Wet Cleaningfrom£39.99
  • Lanadol Oiling

    • Extras£9.99
  • Suede Shoes

    • Wet Cleaning£29.99
  • Timberlands

    • Specialist Wet Cleaning£19.99
  • Timberland Boots/ Hiking Boots ( Washed & Waterproofed)

    • Wet Cleaning£22.99
    • Specialist Wet Cleaning£22.99
  • Suede/Leather Coat

    • Wet Cleaning£49.99
    • Specialist Wet Cleaning£49.99
  • Suede/ Leather Jacket

    • Wet Cleaning£39.99
    • Specialist Wet Cleaning£39.99
  • Raincoat (Polyester)

    • Wet Cleaning£13.99
  • Raincoat Wool

    • Wet Cleaningfrom£17.99
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