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Mattress cleaning

Mattress cleaning

Keeping you mattress clean is very important and it is recommended to have your mattress cleaned at least once a year. Around 10million dust mites can be found in an average size bed. They are harmless but their droppings and body fragments can cause colds and make asthma and hay fever worse. They feed on organic material such as dead skin cells.

Kleen-Eco uses the very latest hot water extraction technology to ensure the elimination of dust mites. Ensuring we use the right water pressure so to avoid over wetting the mattress. The cleaning process will ensure we kill all bacteria whilst the powerful 6.6 Cat pump will extract the dirt and bacteria from your mattress which should allow the mattress to dry within 3-4 hours*.

Our mattress process includes:
- Pre-Treating
- Stain removal*
- Hot water / Steam cleaning
- Extraction
- Deodorising

*Depending on the age of the mattress and the type of stain it is not always possible to remove all stains. We will carefully examine your mattress and give you an honest evaluation on what can be achieved prior to any cleaning being carried out.

For more information please contact us on 01767 315550, alternatively email us at info@kleen-eco.co.uk.
  • Single Mattress

    • Mattress Cleaningfrom £35.00
    • Stain Guard£20.00
  • Double Mattress

    • Mattress Cleaningfrom £50.00
    • Stain Guard£35.00
  • King Size Mattress

    • Mattress Cleaningfrom £65.00
    • Stain Guard£50.00
  • Super King Size Mattress

    • Mattress Cleaningfrom £80.00
    • Stain Guard£65.00
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