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Business / Formal wear

Business / Formal wear

Be it your daily business suit or that special occasion that's coming up such as a wedding or a corporate event, Kleen-Eco's professional wet cleaning process will have your garments looking like new. Using our water immersion process using only biodegradable detergents and not harsh solvents which you will find from the typical Dry Cleaner your clothes will come out looking beautiful, feeling soft and fresh as well as kind to your skin. All items are cleaned at our Biggleswade site so if you are in a rush to get your garments cleaned give us a call as many items can be cleaned the same day subject to demand.

For more information please contact us on 01767 315550, alternatively email us at info@kleen-eco.co.uk.
  • 2 Piece Suit

    • Wet Cleaning£12.99
  • 3 Piece Suit

    • Wet Cleaning£16.99
  • Suit Jacket/Blazer

    • Wet Cleaning£8.99
  • Suit Trousers

    • Wet Cleaning£7.99
  • Waistcoats

    • Wet Cleaning£4.99
  • Linen/Wool Suit 2 Piece

    • Wet Cleaning£15.99
  • Linen Jacket/Blazer

    • Wet Cleaning£11.99
  • Suit Trousers Linen

    • Wet Cleaning£10.99
  • Silk Tie

    • Wet Cleaning£5.99
  • 3 Piece morning Suit

    • Specialist Wet Cleaning£19.99
  • Tie/ Cravats (Silk)

    • Specialist Wet Cleaning£4.99
  • Cummerbund (Silk)

    • Specialist Wet Cleaning£6.99
  • Jackets

    • Please contact us for price details
  • Kilts

    • Specialist Wet Cleaning£19.99
  • Jumper/Cardigan

    • Wet Cleaning£6.99
  • Dress Silk ( Short)

    • Wet Cleaning£17.99
  • Dress Silk (Long)

    • Wet Cleaning£21.99
  • Dress Silk (Medium)

    • Wet Cleaning£19.99
  • Dress Linen/Wool (Short)

    • Wet Cleaning£12.99
  • Dress Linen/Wool ( Long)

    • Wet Cleaning£16.99
  • Dress Linen/Wool (Medium)

    • Wet Cleaning£14.99
  • Dress Short

    • Wet Cleaning£11.99
  • Dress Medium

    • Wet Cleaning£12.99
  • Dress Long

    • Wet Cleaning£13.99
  • Skirt Long

    • Wet Cleaning£10.99
  • Skirt Medium

    • Wet Cleaning£8.99
  • Silk Shirt/Blouse

    • Wet Cleaning£7.99
    • Specialist Wet Cleaning£7.99
    • Laundry - Wash, Dry & Pressed£7.99
  • Linen/Wool Trousers

    • Wet Cleaning£10.99
  • Polo Shirts (Designer)

    • Wet Cleaning£4.99
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