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Not all Dry Cleaners are the same... Here at Kleen-Eco we have taken a fresh approach in providing our customers with the ultimate service to having your garments cleaned. The first major difference is we do not use nasty solvents when cleaning your clothes/bedding which is what you would typically find being offered to you by the High Street Dry Cleaner. This solvents know as Perc can leave the fibres of your clothes/bedding feeling rigid and smelling of chemicals. Kleen-Eco do not believe this process is good for your garments, your skin and the environment, so we use a Professional fabric garment process based on a technology that was developed in 1991 by Miele and detergent manufacture Kreussler called Wet-Cleaning.

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This cleaning process of using water and detergents effectively cleans garments through a safe and biodegradable process that is truly Green which makes for fresher, cleaner clothes, better for the fabric meaning your garments will last longer and kind to your skin and the environment. The question people ask is will my jacket/trousers shrink when using the Wet-Cleaning process when it states on the label Dry Clean Only. The answer is simply No, Wet cleaning uses highly sophisticated washers, dryers and finishing equipment that allows us to clean everything that a Dry-cleaners can do but more. Our services extend to cleaning garments made of Leather & Suede so we clean Coats, Jackets, Shoes & Boots even UGG Boots. We also clean Designer hand bags, Purses, Brief cases & Satchells. Not forgetting those very special occasion garments, Wedding dresses, Bridesmaid, Christening gowns we've cleaned with fantastic results. School blazers, Woolen jumpers, Persian rugs delicate fabrics the list is endless.

As well as cleaning garments our machines do a fantastic job with Duvets and Pillows. (even Feathers) as well as Rugs, Carpets, Curtains, Blinds and Mats.

We also offer a Laundry service, so there is no need to worry about trying to get all your clothes, bedding & towelling washed and dried at home especially in those winter months.

Let Kleen-Eco take away these stresses for you so you can concentrate on the more enjoyable things in life. Our 25kg Wet care machines will handle a full weeks wash with ease and our energy efficient dryers will have your clothes dry in no time at all and if your not a lover of Ironing then why not let us do this for you as well. Our Professional pressing tables make easy work of Ironing and we will deliver back shirts and trousers on hangers as part of the service.

Repairs and Alterations is also something we do, so if you need a new Zip, Sleeves or trouser legs shortened/lengthened, garments taken in or let out, new elastic, buttons sewn back on then give us a call out seamstress Kleen-Eco is here to help.

Wet-Cleaning - Laundry - Ironing - Rug/Carpet/Curtains/Repairs & Alterations

Many items can be cleaned the same day and we also provide a Free Collect & Deliver service to your home or work within 10 mile radius of Biggleswade.

Kleen-Eco really believes in putting the customer first, we know having clothes, bedding cleaned may not be in your top 20 most exciting things to do but we really do go go that extra mile to provide the best in class service.